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The goal of the rebranding project was to design a digital branding system for the company that could be easily adapted to other brands within the organization. To achieve this, we defined the brand foundations and digital brand architecture at the outset, establishing the basic rules for the brand's presence in the digital space and guidelines for their use. To ensure consistency and streamline digital development for all stakeholders, we also created a Design System. Additionally, we built a digital Brand Center to assist teams in implementing the brand in over 25 countries.


• eCommerce Development

• Paid Social

• Paid Search

• Email Sequencing

• Supply Chain Logistics

• Growth Projections


"If you could add a company catalyst to your company that would elevate your brand to the next level, would you do it? I did, and I am pumped at the results. My name is Frank Savarese and I am one of the Co-Founders / Owners of HERO Barbell Co. We made the decision to go to OPTYO at the beginning of the year, and they did not disappoint! They fine tuned every aspect of our business, from web design, mobile web design, marketing, target audience, algorithms, email chains, basically anything and everything you could want from an outside look, they took care of, well! Short term, mid-term, and long term goal planning, exit strategy, or ramp up to a major market takeover, OPTYO has you covered. Your goals and dreams are secure when you bring on this team of consummate professionals. We are so glad they are a part of the HERO Barbell Co. team, and we couldn’t give them a higher recommendation!"

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