As athletes, our desire to win and be the greatest is fuel for our team to exceed all expectations. We come from a range of athletic backgrounds, industry experience, combined into one unstoppable performance marketing team that won't settle for anything less than a win.


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When you join OPTYO, our team becomes an extension of your own. Meet the industry experts that have scaled companies from launch to exit + sports they competed in from childhood to professionally.



Which Program Is Best For Me?

During your discovery call with OPTYO, we will determine which program best suits your brand. That decision is based upon a few factors - those being company stage (Pre-launch, Launch, Early Growth, Late Growth), annual revenue & sales channel diversification, as well as team / organization size. We work with both early revenue companies as well as growth stage brands, therefore, our goal during the initial call is understanding where you are  in the company’s lifecycle, what pain points you are encountering currently and outlining a clear pathway forward over the next 6 - 12 months. Our goal is to make sure OPTYO’s team and program is the right fit for you at this time and everyone is aligned on the goals moving forward. We are selective in who we work with, therefore, timing and needs are crucial for us to understand early on in discovery conversations.

When Should I Get Started?

Every brand enters our programs at different stages. For early revenue brands, we recommend beginning with OPTYO when you have your first batch of inventory on hand or have a clear timeline on when that will be arriving for fulfillment. We have helped a lot of companies launch a Pre-order / Backorder so that is not a direct deterrent from beginning our program, but not having clear timelines and expectations on inventory arrival would be an area that we’d recommend to sort out prior to working with our Team. For mid revenue to growth stage brands, we recommend beginning with OPTYO as soon as possible if we are the right fit.

How Are Services Allocated In The Accelerator Program?

All accelerator clients will receive services by OPTYO based on the needs of the brand and if it is required and makes sense to implement. We customize program contracts for clients if there are areas that are not necessary to add in or other team members are efficiently executing on. Some services may be required at a later time when the company is at a progressed stage - however, services will be discussed and decided upon well in advance of programs beginning so every brand has a clear understanding of how OPTYO’s team will integrate with their existing set-up.

Am I Too Early for OPTYO?

During the discovery call, OPTYO will discuss whether it is too soon for your brand to begin working with us - if that is the case, we will outline areas you should focus on so there is a roadmap ahead for you to execute on prior to starting a working relationship with OPTYO. We want every client to be successful with us, therefore, if it is truly too early to begin a partnership, we will be transparent about that and give you the necessary steps to focus on now without us.

What Happens When I Complete The Accelerator Program?

After the completion of your initial Accelerator program cycle, OPTYO will provide a full program assessment and review - this meeting will highlight what was accomplished during the initial program length and walk you through what the next steps look like. At that time, if both sides still agree that this is the right partnership, we will enter into another Accelerator program cycle to achieve the next goals set for the brand. If circumstances arise after the completion of an Accelerator program cycle, a Client may qualify for our Scale program. A completion of the first Accelerator program cycle does not mean an immediate transition into our Scale program. This transition all depends on the long term goals of the brand and the necessary resources required for growth.


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